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Electronox, if anyone wonders, is simply a group of eleven people that came up with a name for itself. Through many years of devoted brotherhood, the passion for computers and thinking has stayed the bonds from breaking in Electronox. However, our diversity has flourished since conception. From bass players to coders, vocational students to renaissance men, and Colombia to the US, we’ve maintained a common niche that will hopefully endure. This website is purposed as a facility for Electronox members and friends to be used as a cool, different social utility. Through our wonderfully dedicated servers, Maxine and Iris, this has become possible.

Maxine Wonder
I always admired this machine in my mother’s office. Then, one day, the office outgrew the machine. The machine was forgotten for months on end, and I pitied the machine’s useless fate. But then something happened the ring -er, server- did not intend. It was picked up by the most unlikely of geeks and taken deep into the darkness of the lan shack. Two weeks later throw in some pixie dust and Maxine was born.
Iris Slimsexything
Alright, let’s get this out of the way since we’ve already given the official word on Maxine above and she’s not listening anymore. Maxine is actually a super bitch. Loud, slow, and humongous, it was time to move on to something new. Granted, Maxine was stable as a rock, and still is, but rocks are pretty fucking useless. Thus the second iteration of my desktop Ralph was made anew in a sleek profile case and granted webserver status with a lovingly large 120GB RAID1 configuration. You’re likely reading from Iris right now. Say hello!

Members at a Glance.

Justin Shadowfaxes
As 34% of you have already deduced, my name is Justin. I tend to keep this website up to date most of the time simply because I like doing it and it’s easy to do. If Maxine were a child, she’d be my baby, or more accurately, the starving jungle-child I rescued from the damned Englishmen. I enjoy certain activities pertaining to computers, including problem solving and looking smart while making money. I like speaking in front of people and being noted for a distinctly unpredictable behavior. I enjoy being a leader, but please don’t vote for me for president. I’ll understand, there will be no harsh feelings.
Ryan Lambenttelos
Hello, my name is Ryan, that is my name. Uh how to describe myself…well from what people say, quite a bit insane, a bit out there, a nice guy in the end. A motif in my life is a lack of time and engergy to do all the things that I want to. Right now as I type this I am about to fall asleep, I hate school. Fire however is a good thing, along with pretty pictures, music and most of all Brittany. Yes that is right, I do like girls. Hmmm my hair poofs —>
Kyle Fentoozler
Of the chosen few. Only one of the few could truly bear the name “K-YLE”. this was the boy that was chosen. However. out of all of us. I’d pretty much bet money I’m the least computer literate person of the crew. However, I have the biggest muscles. My lanning catch phases often include. RYAN HELP!… Can somebody help me. and the famous. um, that probably isn’t a good thing. Electronox man-whore of the year… I’d have to say I personally like Black Hawk Down, Halo, and Half-Life. and an occasional round of Generals. Lancaster’s the greatest. I like cartoons, music and drawing outside of the computer world. When I run for president, vote for the other guy, just to be safe.
Nick Bigstik
Everyone brings a little something to the LAN; I myself bring an interesting mix of stupidity and id-based urges from which spawn my ideas. I’m a really awesomely cool dude, but nobody knows this yet. They all think I’m a loser. I’m the one you’ll see doing the “&!%#$@ it Generals crashed!” dance or brawling with people eighteen billion times my size. Sometimes I win. As far as games go.. probably Zero Hour, Unreal 2003, Tac Ops, and Age of Kings. I’m more a strategy guy than mindless killing, but I can’t deny that seeing 32-bit blood being sprayed all over the walls is fun. I’ll never run for president, so don’t worry about that one.
Kiel Goteki
i was rejected by the group kyle was inducted to, and thus scarred with the unsacred mark of KIEL. i’d have to say that my predominant quality is my overthinking of everything, and secondarily trying to make myself sound really intelligent. i also think of myself as being way cooler than i actually am. i’m kinda lazy, and i’m always the first one to sleep at the lans… i’ve been addicted to sleep for a few years now. that said, i can do a lot of good stuff if i’m interested in it. i’m not quite as interested in games as i once was, but when i get time for it, i love to play starcraft and red alert 2. pullin it old school. nowadays my computer time is spent on photography, music, and programming, and occasionally an intelligent conversation on aim. outside of computers i like to act like i am not white and play with my honda accord. F22A6 4 lyf baby! oh, and uh….
Dane IDaneo
Howdy, my name’s Dane. I enjoy a romping game of Quake III when my computer is up for it. Other than that I like Tac Ops, and C&C Generals. Unfortunately, my computer, h a n k, completely dispises Generals. Besides gaming I enjoy “actin’ a foo'” and doing stupid things and playing bass. Its been good times being friends with these guys over the years. Let the good times roll.
Tomás Quikbeam
My name is Tomás, i come from a magical place called Colombia. I am the only non-American member of Electronox. I am somewhat good in Tac ops and Zero hour. I like going to IHOP at 5:30 in the morning to have breakfast after every LAN. I am a crazy person who usually has nothing to do so i go have ice cream often.
Benn Buddha
i am benn, i have become excessively proficient the art of slackerhood, and masterimafied sleep. im so lazy that it is taking me fifteen minutes to type this. i am sneaky sometimes and have a love for blades of all varieties. when gaming i love to painting walls with the brains of my enemies… and sometimes allies… yeah my favorite quote is “WEEEEEEEEEEEEE….EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!”
David Megafart
my name is david. i am by far the fattest member electronox weighing in at a massive 115 pounds. unfortunately for the rest of the guys, they must compete with my intense good looks also. i suck at most all games we play. occasionally i will throw together a stellar binge of quake III where i will consistently take second place. i enjoy midnight trips to IHOP and running around with out any clothes on. in my spare time i screw around on my guitar and listen to music. god bless america.
Clint HULK
Hi my names Clint, i like having fun. I’m really obnoxious, but i know how to party. I used to be fat, but now i’m skinny, lets dance eh? No alright, thats cool, someday i’ll be famous, so get to know me now so we can hang out. I’m real cool!
I have no ultimate goals for my life as of yet, just kinda cruise’n along, soo for now, i’m just gunna keep it real with my homes, RIGHT ON!